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July 2014
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Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the subject of this week's show, and the host's discuss how John Hughes encouraged the actors to improvise during many of the film's key scenes. Praise is thrown at Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, and Edie McClurg. Then, the guys tiptoe around Jeffrey Jones' (Mr. Rooney) recent troubles. The Crash Test Dummies' classic, Keep A Lid On Things, is played, and the show wraps with a chat about Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight.

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The boys circle around the fireplace to bring you one more Christmas episode before Santa's big day. Talk includes gift giving etiquette, believing in Santa Claus and their best Christmas memories. Holiday themed productions discussed are, Rankin and Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, Jack Frost, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, Elf, Saved by the Bell's Home for Christmas, Home Improvement, the Office (UK series) and the Star Wars Holiday Special. Before the show ends, Anthony unintentionally brings down the mood, then pays homage to the greatest Christmas character of all time, 90s Canadian sensation, Snow. 

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In honor of John Hughes' love for the Christmas season, the Look Hughes Talking gang share their favorite Christmas movies and traditions. Darren Hayes returns to challenge both hosts to a holiday themed game, where the loser is forced to spread a little Christmas cheer. Hayes talks about his favorite seasonal song, proving that he might not quite understand the true meaning of Christmas. Plus, Tim and Anthony hate on a holiday classic. Movies discussed this week include Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, Gremlins, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Die Hard, It's a Wonderful Life, Elf, Jingle All the Way, Love Actually, and A Christmas Story. 

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Savage Garden's, Darren Hayes, returns to recap John Hughes' Pretty In Pink. Topics include Harry Dean Stanton's soulless approach to life, James Spader's reign over Hollywood, and Andrew McCarthy's facial structure. Anthony uses Jon Cryer's performance of Duckie as an extension of himself, and Tim finds it hard to connect with the characters. Finally, the show wraps with two of the guys changing their opinion of the film.  

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Darren Hayes returns for his second appearance on Look Hughes Talking. Before they do a rundown of the Brat Pack, the gang starts the show by talking about the Jacksons and Crispin Glover. Anthony gets obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio's Pussy Posse, and a new, prestigious group of Hollywood starlets is born. Tim does a rendition of Echo and the Bunnymen's Bring On the Dancing Horses. The show closes with two of the guys looking forward to Pretty in Pink, and the other, dreading it.       

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Andy Williams (Every Time I Die) is back for a Weird Science recap episode, that involves the guys gushing over both Kelly LeBrock and Bill Paxton. Anthony subconsciously connects with a lead character and becomes overly critical of him. Then, Everyone agrees that Ilan Mitchell-Smith does justice to women's underwear. Robert Downey Jr. takes a step toward stardom, and Look Hughes Talking finds a die-hard Mr. Mom fan. 

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Andy Williams, of Every Time I Die, stops by to talk John Hughes' Weird Science and the world of professional wrestling. The guys start the show by documenting the history of ABC's TGIF lineup, including Dinosaurs and a special Boy Meets World/Sabrina, The Teenage Witch crossover episode. Later, Andy reveals meeting both Anthony Michael Hall and Eric Roberts during the same night. The show ends with a complete recasting of classic Hughes' films with wrestlers, and musicians.   

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Darren Hayes, of Savage Garden, drops by the show to talk Chevy Chase and John Hughes' European Vacation. Hayes reveals the secret behind his hit single I Want You, and the group compares Dana Hill to Sean Astin. Tim continues his feud with the film's director, Amy Heckerling, then begins a new feud with Anthony. Is the show's harmonious status in jeoparday? Will it return next week? (Yes. Yes it will.) Everyone gushes over Beverly D'Angelo, and the show closes with a cavalcade of American Presidents. 

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European Vacation is the topic of discussion and Tim leads off with some tough info on the new Audrey Griswold, Dana Hill. Anthony admits to loving The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog create a rift between both hosts. The film's director, Amy Heckerling, rubs Tim the wrong way, and a rivalry is born out of his animosity towards her. A heroic story about Emmy Winner Jaime Pressly is regaled. And the show closes with some William Zabka chat.  

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The Breakfast Club is the subject of this week's recap and the hosts discuss the gang's eating habits, which leads to a rundown of breakfast cereals. Tim finds it hard to like Molly Ringwald's character, for a second time, and Emilio Estevez' performance is questioned. Ally Sheedy's work in Short Circuit is mentioned, and Johnny 5 makes an appearance. The show closes with one of the most awkward make out sessions in the history of cinema. 

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Before the guys sit down to watch The Breakfast Club, they cover everything from Charlie Sheen's most recent off-screen issue to the Adrian Peterson scandal. A comedy legend stops by to read this week's review, and both hosts talk about the conflict between Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson, on set. An argument over the use of the term "pizza pie" breaks out, and the hosts decide which commercials deserve TV series adaptations. While discussing high school cliques, Anthony discovers that he's just average.  

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Tim and Anthony finally watch one of John Hughes' classic teen films, Sixteen Candles. They discuss unlikable love interests, and sexually aggressive, male leads. Anthony describes a recent drug trip involving a mountain lion in Orange County, and Tim expresses a desire to hang out with teenage Anthony Michael Hall. Before the show wraps up, the guys successfully offend a deceased Australian icon, and oily bohunks everywhere. 

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The show opens with a disagreement over the pronunciation of Michael Schoeffling's last name. Tim declares Jackie Burch the greatest casting director of all time, with credits like Commando and Die Hard. Anthony shows a need to brush up on his improv skills and the hosts struggle to get on the same page. They eventually setup Sixteen Candles, go on tangents involving The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, then exit with a song. 

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This week, Tim and Anthony tackle a lesser known Hughes' film from the 80s, Nate and Hayes, and open cold with the movie's trailer. They talk The Fugitive, Tommy Lee Jones' ruggedness, and the history of pirate movies in theaters. Anthony gets out a Trix/urinal cake observation he's been holding on to for some time, and his love for Iz is tested when a character in Nate and Hayes appears. The hosts discover the roots of the rivalry between Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford. 

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The hosts finally watch a John Hughes classic, and begin their recap by discussing the importance of having a strong supporting cast. Later, they uncover John Hughes' hidden love for the Rocky films, and declare that Rocky IV holds the title of best Rocky soundtrack. Tim makes Look Hughes Talking history with his review of Vacation. 

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The third show starts with an overview of Chevy Chase's career surrounding Vacation. Tim shows off by dropping some celebrity first names, and Anthony picks a fight with Kurt Loder. During the discussion of Vacation, the hosts reveal the true genius behind The Adventures of Pluto Nash, and complain about the most annoying Skywalker, Jake Lloyd. The episode closes with a discussion of Dharma & Greg and the disappearance of family roadtrips.

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Tim and Anthony start the show off by introducing themselves, because they forgot to do that on the previous episode. The boys travel the world, and read a list of foreign titles for Mr. Mom. Tim puts his foot down and takes a firm stance against Tim Burton's Batman movies. Then, the hosts watch Mr. Mom, and discuss chili humor and Martin Mull's aggressive enthusiasm. Finally, a postive IMDb review is read.

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John Hughes' life before screenwriting opens the show. Tim and Anthony setup Class Reunion before they watch the movie. An IMDb user review is read. The hosts lament about an audio issue while recording the show, and give an awe filled review of Hughes' first film. Finally, Anthony reveals his intimate thoughts about ukulele virtuoso, Iz.

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Tim and Anthony open Look Hughes Talking with a short preview episode. They lay out their plans for the podcast, and announce that their first full length episode will cover National Lampoon's Class Reunion. They close the preview by discussing the 2010 classic, Valentine's Day. 

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